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Zeman, Angela, Tales of the Witch

A collection of stories featuring the strangest sleuth in Wyndham-by-the-Sea
With her black clothes, black hair, and faithful black cat, Mrs. Risk incites rumors among the townsfolk of Wyndham-by-the-Sea, who whisper that she’s a witch. She keeps to herself, plants strange things in her garden, and has an unerring ability to see into other people’s minds. With her trusty assistant Rachel, Mrs. Risk keeps tabs on every corner of her small seaside town, sipping wine, hearing secrets, and occasionally breaking curses. Whether her powers are supernatural or merely deductive, no one can deny that they are real.
In the seven stories of this volume, Mrs. Risk confronts murderous fishmongers, cursed restaurateurs, and a rock star marked for death. Mystery is rife in Wyndham-by-the-Sea, and only a witch has the power to see the truth.

Specializing in Mystery Fiction and all its subgenres, including Detective, Crime, Hardboiled, Thrillers, Espionage, and Suspense.

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