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Woods, Jonathan - Kiss the Devil Goodnight

Sold out.

      SOLD OUT

Bill Derringer, his wife Edie and their kids head down to Florida to visit Edie's Aunt Ida. Turns out that Aunt Ida is both a sociopath and an old flame of Edie's. As Edie is drawn back into Aunt Ida's bed, she and Bill join Aunt Ida's scheme to rip off the local guns & ammo show. After the robbery, Bill realizes that Aunt Ida and Edie are scheming to do him in. He escapes with his life but is caught by the cops and goes to prison. Aunt Ida and Edie disappear into Mexico with the money. Bill and Edie's two kids become wards of the state. Five and a half years later Bill is paroled. In his new life he is torn between a desire to reunite with his kids and his quest to track down Aunt Ida and Edie and mete out revenge.