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William Link - Death Leaves a Bookmark (Paperback)

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Despite making a measly wage at his wealthy uncle’s bookshop, Troy Pellingham is no bookworm. In fact, when he looks at a book, he only sees one thing: a murder weapon. After murdering his Uncle Rodney with a sharp shove to the back of a book case and a quick blow to the head with a large book, Troythinks he has it all: revenge on his snooty uncle, a plush inheritance, and best of all, a future with his dishy cousin Marcella. Enter Lieutenant Columbo, whose flapping raincoat and absent-minded questioning only secures Troy’s confidence. When push comes to shove, Troy might find out too late that he has greatly underestimated not only Columbo, but also “Little Miss Innocent with a condom in her handbag” Marcella.

This brilliant new story from William Link marks the return of the rumpled but unflappable Lt. Columbo, whose unassuming demeanor and roundabout questioning have been solving crimes since the 1960s. Death Leaves a Bookmark weaves a tantalizing web of money, sex, and lies that is unraveled with Columbo’s signature aside: “Just one more thing…” 

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