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White, Lionel, Marilyn K/The House Next Door

MARILYN K.“You’ve heard the story a dozen times: a hundred times. From the lips of hundreds of liars. This guy is driving down a lonely road, all by himself, bored, indifferent, not really going any place in particular. Nothing to do. Then, suddenly, there at the side of the road is this beautiful, young, helpless girl. No one else in sight, nothing but the girl and the lonesome road and she standing there waiting for a ride…” She needs his help. What’s a guy to do….?

THE HOUSE NEXT DOOR Tomlinson has figured out the perfect heist. But it begins to unravel when a passer-by sees the gun, screams, causing Tomlinson to flinch before he can make the snatch. After that, it’s one problem after another.