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Wallace Stroby - Some Die Nameless



 Tom Wickersham's Book of the Month for July 2018:

Wallace Stroby’s Some Die Nameless opens on a sailboat moored in a Florida marina. It’s the perfect start to a juicy summer potboiler a la John D. MacDonald, but there’s little time for sipping gin and watching the sunset once the first bullet is fired.

Ray Devlin is in his mid-fifties, divorced, and retired from the military, living simply on a boat, without the internet or any worries, besides staving off the ghosts of the past. That is, until a former colleague’s surprise visit ends in an attempt on Devlin’s life and the undeniable realization that his past is anything but forgotten. Knowing that the only way to stay alive is to go on the aggressive, Devlin must track down his former private military contractor employers and comrades to understand why one of them tried to put a bullet in his head.

Fast-paced and steeped in details of the newspaper business and shady private military contractors, Some Die Nameless is the rare page-turner that perfectly balances thrills with realism to deliver a reading experience that’s as grounded and sobering as it is exciting.


An ex-mercenary and an embattled journalist find themselves unlikely allies against a corrupt defense contractor in this "noir for modern times" (Ace Atkins).

Ray Devlin is retired, living a simple life off the grid in Florida, when a visit from an old colleague stirs some bad memories--and ends with a gunshot. Soon Devlin is forced to again face a past he'd hoped to leave behind, as a member of a mercenary force that helped put a brutal South American dictator into power.

Tracy Quinn is an investigative reporter at a struggling Philadelphia newspaper decimated by layoffs and cutbacks. Then one day what appears to be a straightforward homicide--a body left in an abandoned rowhouse--draws her and Devlin together, and ultimately enmeshes both in a conspiracy that stretches over twenty years and reaches to the highest levels of the U.S. government.
Before long, they're both the targets of a ruthless assassin haunted by his own wartime experiences. For Devlin, it could all mean a last shot at redemption. For Tracy, the biggest story of her career might just cost her life.

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