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Vindry, Noel, The House That Kills

In its starred review Publisher’s Weekly says: “Vindry displays gifts for puzzle making and a creepy atmosphere that will resonate with fans of John Dickson Carr.”Noel Vindry wrote twelve locked room novels between 1932 and 1937, of a quality and quantity to rival his contemporary, Carr/Dickson, yet he has so far remained unknown to English-speaking readers. The legendary Boileau-Narcejac team, responsible for Vertigo and Diabolique, spoke of his "unequalled virtuosity" and "stupefying puzzles." Thomas Narcejac said that not even Ellery Queen or Carr were Vindry's equal. He was the poet of the puzzle novel The House That Kills ("LaMaison Qui Tue") was Vindry’s first book, featuring examining magistrate Monsieur Allou and three baffling locked room mysteries. Locked Room International translates and publishes the works of French impossible crime author Paul Halter and other international authors past and present.

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