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Thomson, June, The Secret Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes

Over half a century ago, the contents of a battered tin dispatch box labeled "John H. Watson, MD, late Indian Army" amazed its new owner - for the papers contained therein were nothing less than full documentation of previously unknown cases solved by Sherlock Holmes.
Now, though the details of the once carefully concealed investigations remain controversial, the time for publication is at hand.
Following the success of The Secret Files of Sherlock Holmes, June Thomson, with the assistance of Aubrey B. Watson, has again brilliantly chosen cases that illustrate the great Holmes's flair for the bizarre. There is the tragic tale of Lord Deerswood's unwanted legacy, the account of the jealous contortionist, the affair of the beautiful housekeeper, the deadly doings of the costumed Russian, the Aladdin's Cave episode, and the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the deadly Sumatran rats.
The discovery of these Sherlock Holmes cases - one of which reunites Holmes with brother Mycroft - represents a treasure trove for Baker Street devotees.


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