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Thomas, Will, Fatal Enquiry

"Will Thomas has worked his way up on my personal list of When's the Next One? So I was overjoyed (although not surprised) to find The Black Hand easily living up to the previous adventures of this unlikely, stimulating colorful pair of investigators. Which leaves me with the question, when's the next one?" -Laurie R. King, New York Times bestselling author of Garment of Shadows

"This series is a constant pleasure. Barker and Llewellyn are two of my favorite sleuths, and their Victorian London evokes images of damp fogs and gaslights and muted footsteps on cobblestone streets. What mystery lover could ask for more?" -Sharon Kay Penman, author of Lionheart

"Thomas explores wonderful uncharted territory." -Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times Book Review on Some Danger Involved.

"Thomas's storytelling is top-notch, generously filled with humor and attention to detail. He brings to life a London roiling with secret leagues, deadly organizations, and hidden clubs." -Detroit Free Press on Some Danger Involved

New York Times Book Review Marilyn Stasio

Classic detective duos…make lively companions.…One such classic pair can be found in Will Thomas's Victorian mysteries featuring Cyrus Barker, private inquiry agent and resident genius, and Thomas Llewelyn, his young associate, who narrates their energetic adventures…. The best fun in this Big Boys' Adventure Book is observing Barker in action.

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