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Chelsea G. Summers - A Certain Hunger - Paperback

Food critic Dorothy Daniels loves what she does. Discerning, meticulous, and very, very smart, Dorothy's clear mastery of the culinary arts make it likely that she could, on any given night, whip up a more inspired dish than any one of the chefs she writes about.

Dorothy makes the best of her single life, frequently traveling from Manhattan to Italy. But there is something within Dorothy that's different from everyone else, and having suppressed it long enough, she starts to embrace what makes Dorothy uniquely, terrifyingly herself.

Recounting her life from a seemingly idyllic farm-to-table childhood, the heights of her career, to the moment she plunges an ice pick into a man's neck on Fire Island, Dorothy Daniels show us what happens when a woman finally embraces her superiority. 

"Chelsea G. Summers' 'A Certain Hunger' is easily the most distinctive and unforgettable crime novel of this year, a delicious soupçon of satire."
Sarah Weinman, author of 'The Real Lolita'

"Chelsea G. Summers’ 'A Certain Hunger' reads like a dark, delirious feminist fairy tale. Mordantly funny and lushly baroque, it’s 'American Psycho' as rewritten by Angela Carter. Irresistible."
Megan Abbott, bestselling author of 'You Will Know Me' and 'Dare Me'

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