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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle- Dancing to Death

Despite the fact that Hilton Cubitt is murdered while he is Sherlock Holmes' client, "The Adventure of the Dancing Men" remains one of the most memorable Canonical tales. While thoughts of the scribbles that form the heart of the story may linger after its conclusion, unscrambling the dancing men code is not the only problem here. The manuscript itself provides a mystery: How did it go from being one of Doyle's prized possessions to a bookstore in Texas?


This volume includes a reproduction of the original manuscript, an annotated typescript with commentary, and a history of the manuscript. Other articles explore the cipher's origin and why Chicago came to mind as an example of a lawless American city. You will also find new perspectives on Holmes' use of sound in solving a murder, along with a deeper investigation into the history of ciphers, both in and out of the Canon.

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