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Simmons, Dan - Song of Kali

From the Publisher
"The best novel in the genre I can remember. Dan Simmons is brilliant!" —Dean R. Koontz

"Song of Kali is as harrowing and ghoulish as anyone could wish. Simmons makes the stuff of nightmares very real indeed." —Locus

"Dan Simmons understands terror and what it does to readers. Where Stephen King flinches, Simmons doesn't." —Edward Byrant, Mile High Futures

"Shock treatments abound!" —The Chattanooga Times, Tennessee

"An absolutely harrowing experience." —F. Paul Wilson

Gale Research
The novel Song of Kali, relates the gruesome action that ensues when the daughter of an American journalist is kidnapped in Calcutta, India, by deranged, bloodthirsty worshippers of the Hindu goddess Kali. Faren Miller, writing inLocus, described Song of Kali as "harrowing and ghoulish," adding that it "makes the stuff of nightmare very real indeed."