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Satterthwait, Walter, New York Nocturne: The Return of Miss Lizzie

The bestselling author of the Joshua Croft series delivers the sparkling debut of a strong and humorous young woman mixed up in the crime scene of old New York

Sixteen-year-old Amanda is spending the summer with her suave and easygoing uncle John at the Dakota Apartments, opposite the green sprawl of New York’s Central Park. When John isn’t doing something mysterious with stocks and bonds, he and Amanda enjoy the very best the Roaring Twenties have to offer. However, in a single brutal night, everything changes. Suddenly, Amanda is alone, far from home, and fighting for her life in a city that has abandoned her.
Fortunately, there’s one person Amanda can trust: Miss Lizzie Borden. Together, the two of them manage to work out a twisted passage toward what might be survival through the narrow streets of nighttime New York.