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Ruby Redfort: Take Your Last Breath

Being the youngest Spectrum agent is not as easy as it sounds, and thirteen-year-old Ruby Redfort knows this all too well as she tries to juggle school and spy work. When a drowned Spectrum Agent is washed ashore near Ruby's hometown of Twinford, Ruby and Hitch, a top Spectrum agent and the Redfort's butler, are called into Spectrum headquarters. As they are briefed on the situation, Ruby learns of many strange happenings occurring off the coast of Twinford, including shipping mix-ups, strange marine-life behavior, and reports of a mysterious whispering sound coming from the ocean. To top it all off, there are reports of pirate attacks and more mysterious deaths. Who or what is behind all these bizarre events and does it have anything to do with the legends of the Twinford treasure? Will Ruby be able to connect all the dots and solve the mystery or will she find herself in way over her head? This second addition to the "Ruby Redfort" series is a high class work of literature that fans are sure to love. The writing is excellent! The author uses such vivid sensory descriptions that the reader can clearly hear "the sound of the gulls screaming in the sky above," and see the dust that has formed on the library books that "would stand untouched from this year to the next." The plot is full of the necessary ingredients to make a pre-teen novel a hit: suspense, intrigue, unique characters, pirates, lost treasure, and sea monsters. This story is an excellent, age-appropriate pre-teen equivalent of Annabel Monaghan's young adult novel A Girl Name Digit. Overall, middle school girls are sure to love this exciting spy adventure.

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