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Robinson, Peter, No Cure for Love

Sarah Broughton has come a long way from the days when she went by her real name—Sally Bolton. Now an up-and-coming actress on a hit TV cop show, Sarah is living the life most people dream of. But in her beautiful California beach house, someone is watching Sarah’s every move…someone who is obsessed with her and is poised to do whatever it takes to make her his…someone who’s ready to kill and kill again to prove his love for her.

When Sarah begins receiving letters that are mysteriously signed with just the letter "M," she thinks they’re from some harmless admirer. Then her real name—"Sally"—appears in the third letter, and she knows there’s more to the sinister letters. Could someone from her dark past be stalking her? And when Sarah stumbles upon a corpse on the beach and a heart with her name drawn in the sand next to the body, she realizes her life is in danger.

Detective Arvo Hughes of the LAPD Threat Management Unit specializes in hunting down the most dangerous stalkers. But even his many years of experience haven’t prepared him for the depraved mastermind he’s up against. When someone close to Sarah becomes the next murder victim, Arvo must learn to think like the diabolical killer who won’t stop until his obsession is sealed with one final, lethal act of love.

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