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Robert W. Chambers - The Slayer of Souls/The Maker of Moons

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HBO’s hit show, True Detective, turned a lot of people on to the work of Robert W. Chambers, an American author best known for his supernatural classic, The King in Yellow. Stark House has just reissued two other marvels from this author, the novel The Slayer of Souls and the collection of stories, The Maker of Moons, both contained in one volume. More in line with H.P. Lovecraft than say, Wilkie Collins, Chambers was a fan of the fantastic and an early devotee to the stranger and macabre. Although most of his work is in the public domain at this point, publishers have taken advantage of this to put out terrible, terrible editions that are nigh on unreadable. Gregory Shepard, editor at Stark House, has done us the favor of publishing both a high-quality edition and writing a fascinating biography of this forgotten author. Fans of early horror fiction, Amazing Stories, and Strange Tales will definitely enjoy Chambers’ pulpy prose.


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