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Ragnar Jonasson & Katrin Jakobsdottir - Reykjavik

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In 1956, fourteen year old Lara decides to spend the summer working for a couple on the small island of Videy, just off the coast of Reykjavik. In early August, the girl disappears without a trace.

Time passes, and the mystery becomes Iceland‘s greatest unsolved case. What happened to the young girl? Is she still alive? Did she leave the island, or did something happen to her there?

In 1986, tabloid journalist Valur Robertsson decides to write a series of articles about Lara, exactly thirty years after the disappearance. He hopes to uncover new evidence, and the articles are widely read. An elderly woman calls Valur, claiming to know where he can find Lara, giving him a few cryptic clues. The nation is told that Valur may be close to solving the case, and all eyes are on the young journalist.

On August 18, 1986, Reykjavik is celebrating its 200th anniversary, the downtown area is filled with more people than anyone has ever seen. Valur has plans to publish his final article on Lara a few days later, but in the crowds someone pushes him in front of a bus!  His sister Sunna continues investigating, closes in on the truth and discovers what happened to Lara – trying to catch a killer before he strikes again.

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