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C.J. Box - Pronghorns of the Third Reich

 “Paul Parker tumbled outside in a heap, robe flying, blue-white bare legs exposed. He scrambled over to his hands and knees in the snow-covered grass and said, ‘Jesus Christ!’

            “No,” Lyle said, aiming the pistol at a spot on Parker’s forehead. ‘Just us.’”

So begins the unlikely tale that brings together Paul Parker, a lawyer, and two convicts, Lyle and Juan, to solve a mystery that spans generations. Convinced that his grandfather was duped by his business partner, a collector of rare books, in a scheme to sell pronghorn antelope to Nazi Germany’s Berlin Zoo, Lyle Peebles is hell bent on revenge. As the outside world disappears into a vicious snow storm, fact and fiction collide to reveal a darkened part of the American West. Box keeps us on the edge of our seats until the thrilling conclusion reveals a stunning truth that can only be found between the well-worn covers of a book. 

The book is available in paperback for $6.95. Signed, numbered hardcover copies SOLD OUT, and signed, lettered hardcover copies SOLD OUT.