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Chris Pavone - The Travelers

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Will Rhodes has made a terrible mistake. A woman has appeared at the door of his Argentine hotel room, a woman who isn’t his wife and who, until this moment, has been a harmless flirtation. Harmless flirtations are part of his job. But these flirtations have never showed up at his hotel room with a gun, threatening his life.

Will is a travel writer—a wine aficionado and international food expert for Travelers magazine. And he loves this job. He finally has his own column at a magazine with a real readership. Though he’s wondered why he sometimes has to deliver bulky sealed packages to consulates all over the world, or why he occasionally has to use a fake name. Now those shadowy errands and white lies have come back to haunt him. Clearly Will’s job is not everything he thought it was.

From the lush fields of Western Europe’s wine country to the mountains of South America, and nestled deep in New York’s most elite circles, a dangerous web has been spun with Will Rhodes at its center. And he’s in the dark. But once the truth is revealed to him, he needs to act fast, and act right. His life depends on it.

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