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Alvara Enrigue - Sudden Death

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Sudden Death begins with a brutal tennis match that could decide the fate of the world. The bawdy Italian painter Caravaggio - who changed the face of art forever - and the loutish Spanish poet Quevado battle it out before a crowd that includes Galileo, Mary Magdalene, and a host of Popes. In England, Thomas Cromwell and Henry VIII behead Anne Boleyn, and her crafty executioner transforms her legendary locks into the most sought after tennis balls of the time. Across the ocean in Mexico, the last Aztec emperors play their own game of ball, as conquistador Hernan Cortés and his Nahuatl lover La Malinche scheme and conquer, fight and fuck, and foresee the future. These athletic duels mirror the historic, global duels of the 16th century between the Spanish empire and the New World, between the Vatican and the Protestant Reformation - matches that would truly decide the fate of the world.

In this mind-bending, prismatic novel, worlds collide, time bends, traditions break down. There are assassinations and executions, hallucinogenic mushrooms, utopias, carnal liaisons and papal dramas, artistic and religious revolutions, love stories and war stories. A dazzingly original voice and a postmodern visionary, Alvaro Enrigue tells a grand, mystical adventure of the dawn of the modern era. Game, set, match.

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