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Perry, Anne, Merry Mysteries: A Christmas Hope/A New York Christmas

A Christmas Hope
Claudine Burroughs dreads the holiday season. She has nothing in common with her circle of wealthy, status-minded friends, and the only time she is remotely happy is when she is volunteering at a woman’s clinic, a job her husband strongly disapproves of. When she meets a charming poet at a yuletide gala, her spirits are finally lifted—until he is accused of killing a guest, a young woman who is revealed to be a prostitute. Believing he is innocent, Claudine vows to do her utmost to help. But it seems that hypocritical London society would rather send an innocent man to the gallows than expose the shocking truth about one of their own.
A New York Christmas
Jemima Pitt, the daughter of Thomas Pitt, head of Britain’s Special Branch, is crossing the Atlantic for the first time. Her companion, Delphinia Cardew, is to marry in a grand Manhattan affair that will join together two fabulously wealthy families. But there is a shadow darkening the occasion: Missing from the festivities is Delphinia’s disgraced mother—and the groom’s charismatic brother has asked Jemima to help him find her and forestall the scandal that would surely follow if the prodigal parent turned up at the wedding. From Hell’s Kitchen to Fifth Avenue, the Lower East Side to Central Park, Jemima trudges through snowy streets, asking questions but getting few answers—and never suspecting that she is walking into mortal danger.