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P.D. Halt - When Death Imitates Art - SIGNED

Signed Paperback Original

A luscious mélange of art, love, and murder…

In Cologne, West Germany, in the 1980s, Amanda Lee, a young American gallery owner, discovered the murdered body of her business partner, Marlene Eichler. Hours later, she found a painting that depicted the scene down to the jagged knife wounds and splattered blood. She offered to help the police identify the artist/killer, but learned that she was a prime suspect, along with her partner’s ex-husband. Thrown together by circumstance, she found herself falling deeply in love with him, even though her senses screamed beware. She soon realized how little she knew about Marlene as she waded through the murky waters of her past—illicit affairs, a tumultuous marriage, and underworld connections. Now Amanda had to confront the mind-numbing truth and the terror of a brutal demise as she stumbled across her own death painting.


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