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Otto's Mysterious Press Holiday Bundle (2023) - The End of the Road/Fake Money, Blue Smoke/The Last Commandment

Grab three of our favorite recent titles at Mysterious Press in hardcover first edition for a set price of just $40!!

End of the Road
Andrew Welsh Huggins, The End of the Road
One of Library Journal's Best Thrillers of the Year so far, Welsh-Huggins' gripping heist novel combines beautiful, stylish prose with tough action and suspense, and a plot loosely structured around Homer's Odyssey. The result is great fun, and sure to please readers of literary mystery fiction. 
Josh Haven, Fake Money, Blue Smoke
The first crime novel from the author also known as J. H. Gelernter follows a man fresh out of prison who gets mixed up in a money counterfeiting scheme and hatches a plan to con the Aryan Brotherhood gangsters who made his time inside so unbearable. Part caper, part revenge novel, Fake Money, Blue Smoke is an intelligent and memorable tale you won't soon forget.
Scott Shepherd, The Last Commandment
A twisty, puzzling yarn from the screenwriter and show-runner behind television's The Equalizer, The Dead Zone, and Quantum Leap that is equal parts thriller and golden age whodunit, in which a Scotland Yard detective stalks a transatlantic killer through the New York streets at Christmastime.

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