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Otto's Bibliomysteries Holiday Bundle (2023) - Swanson/Unger/Edwards/Brett/Todd

Five of our favorite Bibliomysteries -- commissioned by and exclusive to The Mysterious Bookshop -- for just $35!

Available only in the Mysterious Bookshop, these short stories by some of the most distinguished authors all feature mysteries set in the world of books—Bibliomysteries. The ideal stocking stuffer for the bibliophile on your gift list.

Peter Swanson, The Honeymoon Trap. Henry arrives at his honeymoon cottage to eerily find all his favorite books on the shelves. He doesn’t remember ever seeing one title before so reads it to find it has uncanny resemblance to his current situation, luring him to raging vengeance. $8.95



Martin Edwards, The Traitor. When a wealthy collector becomes obsessed with acquiring a rumored variant dust jacket on a book by his favorite author, he hires a book scout to track it down, making it clear he will stop at nothing to add it to his collection. $8.95


Simon Brett, Bibliotheca Classica. A stodgy old professor enlists his young wife to research the Bowdlerization of an obscure volume on his shelf and uncover a century-old plot of manipulation, theft, and murder. $6.95


Lisa Unger, The Dark Door. When the father of a bestselling horror writer dies, she hears voices that tell her that on one hand she’s responsible for his death but also that she ought to inherit his rare book collection. It’s enough to drive her to a sanitarium. $8.95


Charles Todd, The Pretty Little Box. A woman casually steals a precious Book of Hours and the lovely box that contains it, setting in motion a series of events that leave a path of death and destruction in its wake. $8.95



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