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Otto's American Mystery Classics Holiday Bundle (2023) - The Egyptian Cross Mystery/Odor of Violets/Rim of the Pit

The American Mystery Classics series reissues Golden Age mystery novels in well-produced, handsome, gift quality volumes.

For the mystery lover in your life, here is a special offer of books suitable for the holiday season.

Ellery Queen, The Egyptian Cross Mystery. A small-town schoolteacher is found dead, beheaded, and tied to a T-shaped cross on December 25th, inspiring such sensational headlines as “Crucifixion on Christmas Day.” Amateur sleuth Ellery Queen is so intrigued he travels to Virginia but fails to solve the crime. Then a similar murder takes place on New York’s Long Island—and then another.


Baynard Kendrick, Odor of Violets. During the Christmas season, Duncan Maclain, a blind former intelligence officer, is asked to investigate the murder of an actor in his Greenwich Village apartment. This would cause a stir at any time but, when the actor possesses secret government plans that then go missing, it’s enough to interest the local police as well as the American government and Maclain, who suspects a German spy plot.


Hake Talbot, Rim of the Pit. In this “impossible crime,” which John Dickson Carr called “a marvel of ingenuity,” a family wants to keep its promise to their dead father to protect his beloved pine grove, a séance is organized to request his permission but a murder soon complicates the proceedings.


Special offer: Priced at $25.95 each, this special offers all three classics for $60.00

Also available in paperback at $15.95 each or $35.00 for all three

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