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Michael Connelly- Two Kinds of Truth

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Otto Penzler's review, from our October newsletter: "Though Michael Connelly started a new series with this summer’s publication of The Late Show, his latest Harry Bosch novel shows that he’s not through with the storied character just yet, continuing to develop his relatively new role as a reserve officer for the San Fernando Police Department. When we join Bosch, he’s just beginning to get comfortable in his office in a converted jail cell, but his past at the LAPD soon comes back to haunt him. A sadistic killer placed on death row thirty years before resurfaces with DNA evidence, made possible by new technological advances, that seems to prove his innocence. To make matters worse, he’s claiming that Bosch planted the evidence that led to his conviction decades before. Harry enlists the services of the Lincoln Lawyer, Mickey Haller, to face the impending court case and gets to work solving the mystery of the newly-discovered evidence, convinced of the defendant’s guilt. But even as Bosch works to contain his old case, a present-day investigation requires immediate attention, eventually finding him going undercover to dismantle a deadly prescription drug ring. The seamless interweaving of these two narrative threads—one of which involves straightforward detection, the other heavy on action in the field—illuminates Connelly’s skill as a storyteller, in a novel as finely crafted as the Pappy Van Winkle whiskey shared by Bosch and his former partner in one of its memorable scenes."

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