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McKenzie, Grant, The Butcher's Son

Ian Quinn, the memorable protagonist from Grant McKenzie's THE FEAR IN HER EYES, has spent his life protecting children from the monsters that live in our society, as a Child Protection Officer he places their lives above his own, and has no qualms about getting his hands dirty when it comes to protecting those who can't protect themselves. Years ago, Ian was unable to protect his own daughter when she was killed, and has channeled the anger and sadness into his vocation.

Ian's own father left years ago, leaving Ian and his sister alone. When one day he is called by an attorney, claiming the elder Quinn has recently died and named Ian in his will. Ian, confused, assuming his father has died years ago, goes to the lawyer's office where he is given three items: first, a key. The second, a deed to his grandfather's old butcher shop, still adorned by a garnish tin pig. The others is a letter from his long-gone father that reads simply and cryptically:

"Sorry for everything, son, but it's your burden now."

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