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Mary Roberts Rinehart - Miss Pinkerton

Hardcover & Paperback
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Introduction by Carolyn Hart

After a suspicious death at a country mansion, a brave nurse joins the household to see behind closed doors

Miss Adams is a nurse, not a detective―at least, not technically speaking. But while working as a nurse, one does have the opportunity to see things police can’t see and an observant set of eyes can be quite an asset when crimes happen behind closed doors. Sometimes Detective Inspector Patton rings Miss Adams when he needs an agent on the inside. And when he does, he calls her “Miss Pinkerton” after the famous detective agency.

Everyone involved seems to agree that mild-mannered Herbert Wynne wasn’t the type to commit suicide but, after he is found shot dead, with the only other possible killer being his ailing, bedridden aunt, no other explanation makes sense. Now the elderly woman is left without a caretaker and Patton sees the perfect opportunity to employ Miss Pinkerton’s abilities. But when she arrives at the isolated country mansion to ply her trade, she soon finds more intrigue than anyone outside could have imagined and―when she realizes a killer is on the loose―more terror as well.

Reprinted for the first time in twenty years, Miss Pinkerton is a suspenseful tale of madness and murder. The book served as the basis for a 1932 film with the same title, and its titular character appeared in several others of Rinehart’s most popular novels.
From Booklist:
"Right from Adams’ arrival at the home, strong foreshadowing lets readers know that the original crime won’t be the only one. The relatively few and amusingly uptight characters who populate the mystery, along with the house itself as a cauldron of secrets, lies, and danger, provide the main appeal in this intricate portrayal of upper-class wealth, romance, and desperate face-saving. Fans of Agatha Christie will be pleased with this welcome reissue."

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