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Martin, Andrew, The Yellow Diamond: A Crime of the Super Rich

Detective Superintendent George Quinn Mayfair resident and dandy with a razor-sharp brain has set up a new police unit, dedicated to investigating the super-rich. When he is shot in mysterious circumstances, DI Blake Reynolds is charged with taking over. But Reynolds hadn't bargained for Quinn's personal assistant the flinty Victoria Clifford who knows more than she's prepared to reveal...

The trail left by Quinn leads to a jewellery theft, a murderous conspiracy among some of the most glamorous (and richest) Russians in London and the beautiful Anna, who challenges Reynolds' professional integrity. Reynolds and Clifford must learn to work together fast or risk Quinn's fate.

Set in the heart of twenty-first-century Mayfair, London's Park Avenue, a world of champagne, Lamborghinis and Savile Row suits,The Yellow Diamond is a brilliant new venture from one of our best loved crime authors meticulously plotted, wonderfully humane and hugely enjoyable.