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Lee Matthew Goldberg - Vicious Ripples - Paperback

When the granddaughter of a rich and powerful CEO is abducted, a vicious ripple effect destroys the lives of everyone connected.

Ex-Army sniper J.D. Storm kidnaps the granddaughter of The Desire Card’s head guy-in-charge—his former boss, known only as Clark Gable—in the hopes that he can lure Gable out into the open. But J.D. is quickly reminded that the illusive organization’s master schemer won’t stand for being toyed with.

As Gable is in the throes of rebuilding his organization, he’s threatened by Laurence Olivier—the sociopathic head of the Card’s international office, who sees this time of weakness as an opportunity to seize control.

Meanwhile, Detective Monica Bonner is assigned to the kidnapping case and finds herself in the underbelly of The Desire Card, where her obsession for justice will not only endanger her, but her loved ones as well.

As these lives converge…no one is safe.

A pulse-pounding thriller, 
Vicious Ripples follows those indebted to this sinister organization—where the ultimate price is the cost of one’s soul.

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