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LeCarre, John, Absolute Friends

The New York Times
Unlike the great majority of best-selling writers of popular fiction, John le Carré never, ever phones it in -- not even on a secure line. He's an old pro with the ardent heart of an amateur, which is why, at the age of 72 and with four decades of critical and commercial success under his belt, he is still capable of producing a novel as odd, as ungainly, and as compelling as Absolute Friends. — Terrence Rafferty
The Washington Post
Absolute Friends is intentionally provocative, and it will win the desired outrage from those who support the Bush policies, just as it will please those who oppose them. It is a polemic, in a tradition that goes back to Shakespeare's portrait of Richard III, Swift's modest proposal and Orwell's 1984. History can decide whether le Carré is right or wrong, prophet or crank, but no one can deny that for the world's leading spy novelist, a man with roots deep in British intelligence, to take on the White House with such ferocity is a political event of note, whatever its literary merits. —Patrick Anderson

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