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Lange, Richard, This Wicked World

"Terrific....Even the most ruthless villains are drawn with an unexpected sensitivity to their essential humanity."

<b>Antoine Wilson</b> - Los Angeles Times
"Lange is incapable of creating a character that isn't memorable. Even the most minor are indelibly sketched....Lange has a knack for miniature Southern California tableaux, those things that we notice out of the corner of our eyes....The zone where literary fiction meets genre fiction is a crowded borderland these days. With This Wicked World, Lange proves himself comfortable on both sides of the line."
Keir Graff - Booklist
"Lange draws indelible characters and writes deadeye dialogue, and his L.A. is as parched and pitiless as the desert that surrounds it....This Wicked World is wickedly good-and we have a feeling that Lange is just getting started."