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Kemanis, V. S., Malocccclusion: Tales of Misdemeanor

Tempting little wrongs, moral dilemmas, subconscious desires. Blinded by self-deception, even the best of us are led astray.

In Malocclusion, tales of misdemeanor, V.S. Kemanis tells fourteen compelling stories that prickle with suspense and psychological intrigue. A private investigator is double-crossed by the woman he’s tailing. A suburban homemaker commits an unspeakable transgression against a new neighbor. A man’s aesthetic fascination with a young girl crosses the line. An orthodontist makes a shameful self-discovery while treating an adult patient.

Open these pages and enter a world that’s slightly askew, driven by aberrant need, where you’ll encounter familiar misdemeanants from every walk of life and their unwitting—or complicit—victims.

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