The Mysterious Bookshop

Joe Benevento - The Monsignor's Wife

Monsignor Tony Cupelli, a pastor in working-class Queens, has always been controversial, due to his support of a married clergy and women as priests, and for his not completely secret affair with Maggie Rosario. Cupelli's new book on a feminine Holy Spirit again puts him in the spotlight, but not as much as news of the murder of Rosario, just when Cupelli was trying to break off their relationship, a break she had postponed by quirky and Santería-inspired approaches to their love-making. Cupelli is both suspect and amateur detective as he tries to decipher the many clues the killer has intentionally left, clues that promise future crimes patterned on the murders in one of Cupelli's favorite short stories. The criminal outsmarts Cupelli and the police at every turn, even to the scary and erotic surprise ending set up from the very beginning.