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Jason Powell - No Man's Ghost - Signed

Signed First Edition

June 27, 2023 Publication Date

It's a FDNY firefighter’s first—and possibly last—week on the job.

Charles Davids is a probationary firefighter working his first week out of the academy. For Charles, quietly battling his lack of confidence is a daily challenge as his new officers coach him on life as a New York City firefighter. The men love to tease and prank the new guy, but when it comes to drilling and training, they’re clear that the job is no joke. As is said in the fire service: "let no man’s ghost return to say my training let me down."

Unfortunately for Charles, his first week is the same week that Alan Johnson, an unstable and soon-to-be-ex husband, gets kicked out and comes up with the idea to report fake fires at his wife's apartment every night. Alan laughs at the thought of her being awakened nightly by sirens and horns—if he can’t sleep in their apartment, why the hell should she? But after days of crying wolf, Alan decides that fake fires aren’t enough…

Set on the hot summer streets of NYC and building to a fiery conclusion, No Man’s Ghost is a vibrant and thrilling look at the people who keep a city safe—and the ones who want to watch it burn.

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