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Hunt, Rebecca, Everland

In 1913, two seasoned explorers and one scientist (Napps, Millet-Bass, and Dinners) disembark the Kismet and row their dinghy toward an unmapped island that Napps plans to dub “Everland.” The sky turns dark almost as soon as the Kismet pulls away, leaving them caught in a violent storm without recourse. Dinners, the frail scientist with no field experience, becomes a burden to the two explorers, and as the numbing cold sets in, he begins to descend into madness. Their excursion becomes legendary: Napps is remembered as cold, unfeeling, nearly evil; Millet-Bass as a reckless adventurer; and Dinners as an innocent casualty. But history has a way of skewing reality.
100 years later, two academics and one field assistant (Decker, Brix, and Jess) depart for Everland to study colonies of penguins and fur seals, but their trip soon begins to echo the 1913 trip. Will they all survive? And if they do, what will their individual legacies be? A stunning tale of adventure, human endurance, and the way history works,Everland questions whether our ideas about the meaning and value of life change when confronted with the knife-edge of survival.

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