The Mysterious Bookshop

Hill, Reginald, Traitor's Blood

Lemuel Stanhope-Swift, sixth Viscount Bessacarr and semi-professional cad, has been on the lam from British justice, holed up in a tropical paradise and slowly drinking himself to death with a succession of young lovelies whose names he doesn?t bother to recall. But when he?s diagnosed with terminal cancer, he is struck with a sentimental desire to say farewell to the daughter he abandoned years ago. Back on British soil, Lem finds that Her Majesty?s secret service would be delighted to help Lem see his daughter. But they would like a wee something in exchange. Lem?s father defected to Moscow some while ago and has started stirring up trouble as of late. So if Lem wouldn?t mind, they?d like him to terminate Papa.