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Henshaw, Mark, The Snow Kimono

Paris, 1989. Recently retired police inspector Auguste Jovert receives a letter from a woman who claims to be his daughter. Two days later, a stranger knocks on his door. His name is Tadashi Omura, and he is a former law professor. He tells Jovert stories about his life, and about a man named Katsuo Ikeda, whom he met when they were both children and who later became a successful writer.

Set in France, Japan, and Algeria, The Snow Kimono is a jigsaw puzzle of a novel. The stories that Jovert and Omura tell each other fit together in unpredictable ways. Each new story changes the possibilities of what might happen next. Little by little we glimpse how these men have lied to themselves and to each other. These lies are about to catch up with them.

‘An exquisitely written puzzle.’—Australian Women's Weekly

‘Stunning and hypnotic…Henshaw has rather written a deep reflection on life, memory, love and loss…You won’t read another novel like The Snow Kimono this year, or perhaps for many to come.’—Asian Review of Books