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Harper, Tom, Zodiac Station

Deep in the Arctic, the US Coast Guard icebreaker Terra Nova batters its way through the frozen sea. A gaunt figure skis out of the fog on the pack ice. He says his name is Thomas Anderson, and that he's the lone survivor of a terrible accident at the research outpost Zodiac Station, located on the ice-bound island of Utgard.

Ten days earlier: Tom Anderson arrives at Zodiac Station looking to resurrect a career destroyed by scientific scandal. But things quickly go wrong when the man who hired him, brilliant biochemist Martin Hagger, turns up dead at the bottom of a crevasse. The base commander insists he fell. But footprints in the snow suggest a different possibility.

As Anderson tells his tale of sabotage, suspicion, and paranoia, the mystery only deepens. Then other survivors are discovered—adding their stories of human greed, jealousy, oil company trickery, Russian espionage, and global warming. But the truth is something no one on the Terra Nova could have imagined.

A fast-paced, gripping thriller that marries science and adventure, Zodiac Station is as chilling and unpredictable as the fierce Arctic landscape.