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Genelin, Michael - The Magician's Accomplice

“Genelin pieces his plot together by beginning with relatively few clues and allows Matinova to use her great investigative ability to see what is behind a crime. In this exceptionally wrought story full of cloak-and-dagger suspense, the author slowly reveals the motivation for murder and the life-threatening situation Matinova finds herself in, and this makes the third series title (after Siren, Dark Dreams) perhaps the best yet. Fans of Sally Spencer and Lynda La Plante ... will love this one.”—Library Journal, Starred Review

Publishers Weekly
In Genelin's superb third novel featuring Slovakian police commander Jana Matinova (after 2009's Dark Dreams), a late-night call plunges Matinova into an unusual murder case. A professional hit man has gunned down university student Denis Macek, who sneaked into the dining room of a swanky Bratislava hotel to get free food. Matinova has barely begun to investigate before she learns that her lover, prosecutor Peter Saris, who'd been conducting a sensitive corruption inquiry, has been killed by a bomb set in his office phone. To prevent her from seeking revenge, her supervisor transfers Matinova to Europol headquarters in The Hague, where her predecessor as her country's representative has vanished. Macek's uncle, a retired magician, tracks the commander down, and the pair scheme to bring those responsible for their losses to justice. Genelin brilliantly blends action and detection, never allowing the plot twists to overshadow his characters' humanity. (July)

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