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Gazan, S. J., The Arc of the Swallow

Danish author S.J. Gazan established herself as an international talent to watch with her debut thriller novel,The Dinosaur Feather. In The Arc of the Swallow,maverick police detective Søren Marhauge returns in an perilous investigation that reveals a profit-motivated conspiracy involving the upper reaches of Big Pharma, government and academia.
When controversial Professor Kristian Storm is found hanged in his office, his assistant Marie Skov refuses to believe that he has committed suicide. Having just returned from West Africa on a research trip, the late scientist had uncovered a shocking truth about immunology programs in the developing world.
With the unlikely help from a Nobel Prize-winning rival of Storm's, former police detective Søren Marhauge is determined to prove what really happened to the professor. Interwoven in this thrilling storyline are deeply-moving portraits of Skov's troubled family and Marhauge's tenuous relationship with his girlfriend, another biologist. The result is a complex page-turner that establishes S.J. Gazan as a world-class author.

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