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Flett-Giordano, Anne, Marry Kiss Kill

Publishers Weekly
TV writer/producer Flett-Giordano’s first novel dishes up a delightful combination of snark, sass, and sunshine. Nola MacIntire, Deputy Chief of Detectives for the Santa Barbara, Calif., PD, knows her designer labels and can still rock a short skirt, despite the looming of the big four-zero. She and her hunky partner, Det. Lt. Anthony Angellotti, catch the early morning call when beloved busker Charley Beaufort is shot to death outside the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Two more bodies, a crew of young eco-radicals, a contested real estate deal, and some missing bioweapons later, Flett-Giordano’s chick-lit/police procedural mash-up is still going strong. Nola and Tony trade witty banter and relationship woes, while connecting the criminal dots, making the bite-sized chapters fly. This funny, sexy mystery is one to enjoy in the sun, preferably with sand between your toes and an umbrella drink close at hand.

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