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Edward D. Hoch - Challenging the Impossible - Signed Limited Edition

 Signed edition limited to 150 copies

Signed by Josh Pachter, crime fiction writer, editor,
translator, and author of the introduction

Includes a separately printed bonus story,
"The Spy and the Suicide Club" by Hoch and Pachter,
exclusive to this edition

Follow Dr. Sam Hawthorne through the war years, a time that he called “the beginning of two of the most eventful years of my life.”

The final collection of Dr. Sam Hawthorne stories covers 1940-1944 and includes 15 stories of impossible crimes. From the death of a Siamese cat in a locked veterinary clinic to the death of a Nazi spy, Dr. Sam explains the mysteries that confront the town of Northmont, Connecticut. His cases include:

  • an impossible crime where the wife disappears from the attic where she is confined
  • a murder charge against Sheriff Lens on the cusp of his last campaign for office
  • a case where a man claims to have killed a man using invisibility
  • a cottage where suicides take place too frequently, told to a special visitor to Dr. Sam.

 While the Dr. Sam stories have come to an end, Crippen & Landru will proudly be presenting Hoch’s Ladies next year, featuring the distaff characters from the master of the short story form.

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