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Dunn, Matthew, The Spy House: A Will Cochrane Novel

In this new electrifying Spycatcher thriller, Will Cochrane must discover how four agents on a top-secret mission died in a safe house bunker locked from the inside 

When the Israeli ambassador to France is killed in Paris by an unknown sniper, the Israeli government blames Hamas and plans a massive invasion to obliterate the group. To avoid an all-out war the U.S. and its partners assemble a team of agents to find the truth behind the assassination.

Meanwhile, a young Palestinian refugee named Safa is pulled from his family and taken to France on a scholarship from the UN. He dutifully completes every lesson and mysterious task his guardian puts before him.

The task force agents work quietly in an undisclosed location in Beirut, Lebanon, called “Gray Site.” But when all four men are found dead in the bunker, authorities turn to former agent Will Cochrane. Murder-suicide seems likely, but Cochrane knows therehas to be more to this story.

Cochrane must unravel the conspiracy, but even he doesn’t know what the boy Safa is really doing in France, how their stories converge—or if either of them will walk away alive.

“Another winner in this fine series . . . A writer who deserves comparison to Ludlum and Fleming.”  Booklist on Dark Spies

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