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Dicker, Joel - The Baltimore Boys

In a daring follow up to the global bestseller The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair (a bold narrative stroke typical of Dicker’s daring) Marcus Goldman, the ‘author’ of the book-within-a-book The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair, is struggling to better the blockbuster novel that has made his name. Like Dicker, this is Goldman’s third book; like Dicker, Goldman must somehow surpass the genius of his own legacy.

Goldman’s solution lies within his own past – The Baltimore Boys: Marcus and his cousins Hillel and Woody.

The Goldman Gang. That was what they called them. Three brilliant young men with dazzling futures ahead of them, before their kingdom crumbled beneath the weight of lies, jealousy and betrayal. A chance Florida encounter with his first love transports Marcus back through the years to the point the betrayals and hurt began, the moment the kingdom of the Baltimore Boys started to turn to ash. The demons of the past must be laid to rest: can Marcus find the will to exorcise the ghosts of his own history?

For years, Marcus has struggled with the burdens of his past, but now he must attempt to banish his demons and tell the true and astonishing story of the Baltimore Boys.


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