The Mysterious Bookshop

Carlotto, Massimo, For All the Gold in the World

This novel, by one of Italy’s bestselling crime novelists, provides a unique perspective on the criminal and social dynamics that dominate contemporary Italy.
One of the many robberies that happen in Northeast Italy goes wrong and ends with a brutal murder. The police investigation turns up nothing. Two years later, Marco Buratti, alias “the Alligator,” is asked to look into the crime and find out who was responsible.
Buratti’s employer is young, the youngest client he has ever had; he is only 12 years old and is the son of one of the victims. The Alligator realizes right from the start that the truth is cloaked, twisted, shocking. Together with his associates, Beniamino Rossini and Max the Memory, he will find himself mixed up in a story involving contraband gold and blood vendettas between criminal gangs.