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Camilleri, Andrea, Angelica's Smile

Publishers Weekly
CWA International Dagger Award-winner Camilleri’s many fans will shout “grazie” for his 17th Insp. Salvo Montalbano mystery (after 2013’s Treasure Hunt). Montalbano, who, perhaps, loves his antipasto more than his detective work, looks into a rash of copycat burglaries in the Sicilian coastal village of Vigàta. Victims are carefully chosen for the fact that they have two homes to burglarize. One such victim is Angelica Cosulich, so drop-dead gorgeous that Montalbano can barely breathe, much less speak, in her presence. But the investigation must go on! Midnight stakeouts, threatening anonymous letters, and even a puzzling murder ensue, all to the tune of those requisite seaside lunches and Angelica’s alluring smile. Poor lovesick Montalbano tries to keep his mind on the case (but not too hard) in this delightful caper, replete with charming companions and a setting that’s a pleasure to return to.


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