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Callaghan, Tom, A Killing Winter

In this neo-noir set in the mountainous Central Asian republic of Kyrgyzstan, hard-bitten inspector Akyl Borubaev mourns the recent death of his beloved wife--the only humanizing force in his otherwise bleak life as a homicide detective in Bishkek. As he struggles to face his personal pain, Borubaev is assigned to investigate the murder of a young woman whose horribly mutilated body is found dumped in a public park in the dead of the forbidding Kyrgyz winter. When the pathologist informs Borubaev that the killer stuffed a fetus from another woman into the womb of the victim, the detective realizes he is hunting a psychopath. Then Borubaev discovers the woman is the only daughter of Mikhail Tekebayev, the powerful and ruthless Minister of State Security, and realizes the case will probably destroy him, regardless of where the evidence leads.