The Mysterious Bookshop

Cagan, Richard Stanley, Mafia Cop

Detective Palermo was one of the privileged few members of the law enforcement community to be informed of the impending arrest of crime lord Vito Genovese by the federal government, and he served as an expert witness in international drug smuggling cases. Palermo’s hangouts included Castle Hill Avenue Bar in the Bronx, where he visited underworld informant Joe Valachi, and the Manhattan after-hours bar and casino owned by Vegas underboss Carmine Canicatti, a Mafia haunt where he was one of only two cops to gain admittance. From carrying out sensitive negotiations with major underworld figures to busting Harlem drug tracker Albie Simmons, underboss to drug lord Leroy Nicky” Barnes, every dealing in Detective Palermo’s tortuous story shows nerve, world-class Mafia expertise, and integrity at a time when crooked cops were the norm. This true crime drama takes you inside the New York City Police Department at its most corrupt and into the dark and dirty world of dons, consiglieres, underbosses, button men, soldiers, and cowboys.