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Bonnie MacBird - Art in the Blood (Limited Edition)

In October, we will be publishing a limited deluxe edition of Bonnie MacBird’s upcoming Sherlock Holmes pastiche, Art in the Blood. Our edition will be bound in marbled boards with a leather spine. It will be printed in a limited run of only sixty copies, numbered and signed by the author. Also of note, our edition will be the only one to feature a foreword by Leslie Klinger, annotations by MacBird, and both black and white and color illustrations (one of which is included above)! $150.00

It’s a snowy December in 1888. A perfumed letter featuring a doubly encoded message arrives at 221B Baker Street, London. A disastrous Ripper investigation has left Sherlock Holmes in a deep depression and back on cocaine. He travels to Paris to help find the son of a French cabaret star, but when he and Watson get there they discover more crimes--including a burglary and several murders--that seem to be connected to the kidnapping. According to Klinger, the book "… has the three key ingredients for a delicious pastiche: Meticulous research, plausibility, and grand fun!"