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Bernard Besson - The Greenland Breach


Bernard Besson is a bestselling, prize-winning author in his native France, not to mention a former chief of staff for the French intelligence services. His first novel to be translated into English has just arrived! The Greenland Breach is an unstoppable international thriller that is perfect for fans of Michael Crichton and Clive Cussler. The Arctic ice caps are breaking up. Europe and the East Coast of the Unites States brace for a tidal wave. Meanwhile, former French intelligence officer John Spencer Larivière, his karate-trained, steamy Eurasian partner, Victoire, and their computer-genius sidekick, Luc, pick up an ordinary freelance assignment that quickly leads them into the heart of an international conspiracy. Hopefully this will be the first of many of Besson’s novels to come Stateside. PBO.

First edition.